Application help

This page contains information to help you complete the electronic version of the forms and general information that may be helpful in completing an application by either of the methods. If you are still having trouble with completing the form(s), please call for assistance.


locked fields

Some drop down menus do not allow you to enter custom text. The "Municipality" field is one of them (see below). This drop down menu contains every municipality in Victoria, so entering custom text should not be necessary. Please scroll through and click on the municipality where the proposed work is to be located.

online property details search

Property titles can be difficult to read. An easier way to find the information requiredto complete the propert details is to go to and either browse the map to find the property, or find it by entering a street address (this can be frustrating if the service cannot find your property due to an irregularity - try searching the map if this happens).

digital signature

The process for establishing a digital ID and subsequent digital signature is out lined below. This is a one-off process with the ID residing on your hard drive afterwards. The signature is password protected with good security but we would maybe warn against using this method on public computers.