To apply, please download and complete the application form. All the required forms are in PDF format with editable fields and can be found here on our Forms Page. The application form has a checklist attached at the end. Note that not all of the items in the checklist may apply to your project. If you are not sure, just submit what information you have and we'll let you know what else is required.

These forms and other documentation may be submitted via the methods outlined below, or submitted online using our Online Application page. We accept documents in many different formats, such as PDF (preferred), doc, docx or any other MS Office formats, dwg, dxf, rvt and odf. If you submit documents electronically, they will be returned as stamped and encrypted PDFs that you are free to print and copy, however altering the document will not be possible.

If you wish to convert your documents to PDF format before sending them to us, we have found CutePDF, a free PDF conversion application, to be very reliable with AutoCAD, Revit and all Office applications. It can be downloaded for free here.

Application Methods

The quickest and easiest method for submitting your application form and documents for approval is by completing the "paperless" application form on the Forms page, save it to your desktop, then use Online Application page to upload the application form and other documents to us. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as we have sighted the application.

Documents may also be delivered by email as attachments from your email client, (Outlook, Thunderbird, gmail, etc).

Alternatively, we also accept applications by post or they may be made in person to our office. Please see the Contact Us page for these options. You will need to select the "paper" application form from our Forms page, or the "paperless" version may be used, printed out and then physically signed.