If you choose the "Paperless" application form from below, please note that it may be completed in your internet browser window or downloaded and completed in a PDF application. Adobe Reader is suitable and can be downloaded from here for free (50.25 MB file size).

When completing the "Paperless" form, keep in mind that there are many drop-down boxes to simplify the process for you, tick buttons just need a left click of the mouse button, and text can be copied and pasted in the document. Finally, there is the option to digitally sign the document. If you have never done this on your computer before you will need to follow the prompts, but if you are using a personal computer (not internet cafe, etc) this will only need to be performed once with the signature residing on your hard drive for future use.

Do not digitally sign the document if you intend on printing out a hard copy to submit. You may wish to complete all steps except digitally signing and print out a hard copy and sign by hand. 

IMPORTANT: do not proceed with the digital signature until all other information has been entered as the document locks upon placement of the signature. If any changes are required after placing the signature the form will need to be filled out from the start again. If required, repeat information can be copied from the locked document and pasted to the other. Note that Reader v6 or higher is required to make a digital signature. We have also had reports from some people that other PDF readers such as Foxit do not work with digital signatures, however we have found others such as NitroPDF that work just as well as the Adobe version.

When placing the digital signature you will be prompted to save the document somewhere. Choose a location that will be easy to remember (Desktop, etc.) as the form will then need to be attached to an email or uploaded on our online application page. The form is not sent automatically upon signing.  

Our permit managment software automatically creates job specific protection works notices and applications for occupancy permits. Please call the office or email our admin address to have these forms sent out to you.